Work Partner Series: 7 Financial Planner

Tony Chiu is the Principal Certified Financial Planner at Benton Asset Management, based in Chatswood, Sydney.

It was our accountant who originally introduced us more than 3 years ago.

Since then both we and our clients have benefited from his balanced philosophy that enjoyment of life is just as important as preparing for a positive financial future.

How Did Financial Planning Help Our Buyer?

As an SMSF specialist, Tony was able to help our buyer plan for their future by unlocking the buying power of their SMSF.



The result was a very happy client who successfully purchased a property in Melbourne while saving money and reducing taxes!

The Property Purchase: PACE at Abbotsford

The property is a one bedroom apartment based in Abbotsford.

This is approximately 3 km from Melbourne’s CBD and has a direct train line to the city.



It was recently purchased for $365k and the expected rent is around $400 per week.

Financial Planning Expertise

Tony has also provided great advice to a wide range of clients on how to structure their assets most effectively to get the best outcomes.

An example of this was helping our client set up a family trust so that their assets will be distributed as required to their children, with income and tax considered as part of the overall long-term plan.

Here are some other ways Tony can help:

  • Strategy on how to pay $0 in capital gain tax
  • Save thousands of dollars every year in superannuation
  • Showing you how you can join forces with your family to buy property
  • Unlocking the buying power of your superannuation

Tony has been great to work with and loves sharing his passion for success.

You can find out more about Benton and the team on their website or on YouTube.

Investment Property Work Partner Series
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Work Partner Series: 7 Financial Planner