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Work Partner Series: 7 Financial Planner

January 22, 2019

Investment Property Work Partner Series

Tony Chiu is the Principal Certified Financial Planner at Benton Asset Management, based in Chatswood, Sydney. It was our accountant who originally introduced us more than 3 years ago. Since then both we and our clients have benefited from his balanced philosophy that enjoyment of life is just as important as preparing for a positive […]

Work Partner Series: 6 Property Renovation

January 5, 2019

Selling Property Work Partner Series

Property renovation is a great way to make a profit on your property purchase or to upgrade your home. We have been working with AIT Building Constructions, based in Roseville Chase on Sydney’s North Shore, for the past 6 years. They have provided handyman and carpenter services for many of our clients as well as […]

Work Partner Series: 5 Accountant Sydney

December 21, 2018

Investment Property Work Partner Series

The fifth article in our work partner series looks at the role of an accountant when buying or selling a property. Why Work with an Accountant When Buying a Property? You may wish to use an accountant to get a better understanding of: Your current financial situation What you need to do to be able […]

Work Partner Series: 4 Mortgage Broker Cairns

December 14, 2018

Home Buying Work Partner Series

In our fourth work partner series installment, we cover the role of Mortgage Broker. The Mortgage Broker has a big part to play in the process of purchasing a property and a good one can save you significant money. We recently worked with Kin Fei Chan from Astute based in Cairns, North Queensland. Kin Fei […]

Work Partner Series: 3 Property Styling Sydney

December 7, 2018

Selling Property Work Partner Series

Property styling can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a property as well as how quickly it sells. We have been working with Jeanine Michel from The Styling House, based in Riverstone Sydney, for around 2 years. She was introduced to us by a fellow agent from another property company. Jeanine […]

Work Partner Series: 2. Property Conveyancing Melbourne

November 30, 2018

Investment Property Work Partner Series

The second part of our Work Partner Series: Property Conveyancing. Property conveyancing involves the transfer of a property title from one person to another. This is a key part of the property buying process and either a solicitor or conveyancer can fulfill this need. Melbourne Property Conveyancing Partner Desmond Khoo from Rennick & Gaynor Solicitors […]

Work Partner Series: 1. Property Management Melbourne

November 23, 2018

Property Management Work Partner Series

Property Management is one of the most important steps within the property investment lifecycle. It’s all about working with the right people to look after your wealth. Although we provide property management services in Sydney, we use partners to help us manage our client’s properties in other states. Melbourne Property Partner Beller is a Melbourne […]