Why Tesla? An interview with Ajay

Location Property Group has an impressive fleet of cars, I interviewed Ajay to find out more about them and why they decided to buy Tesla.

Why Did You Decide to Buy Tesla?

Mainly due to the fact that the source of power could be decided by us.

We could choose, solar power, wind, coal-powered electricity.

Solar was very appealing due to the environmental benefits.

The Sydney to Melbourne Tesla Rally, held a few years ago, was the first proper run in the car and was a testament to its ability to run the distance on solar.

It was our first step towards moving away from high carbon polluting fuel to a solar powered system.

What Reaction Does the Tesla Get?

They have attracted a lot of attention, particularly from the younger generation (teenagers and early 20s).

They are the generation that seems most excited by the technology.

Whereas the older generations seem less likely to change.

Has It Helped the Location Property Group Brand?

Yes, it has helped the brand.

The Tesla is new and different. Lots of people look at the car as its a Tesla and see the brand.

Branded wraps on standard cars, generally don’t attract as much attention, and so the brand is less noticeable and less likely to stick in people’s minds.

Whether the brand on the cars translates to direct sales is unknown.

But it’s more likely to have an impact over a few years.

When someone who’s seen the car needs to sell their house in a few years time, they may think about us subconsciously!

What Models Are the Cars?

We have a Tesla Model S and Model X.

How Do You Charge Them and How Often?

We currently live in an apartment so it’s difficult to install a charger, so we tend to use Tesla’s free superchargers. They have local ones in St Leonards and Broadway.

It’s like getting free petrol – we don’t pay anything to power the cars.

We usually charge about once a week and it takes around 40-45 minutes.

We have installed an 8KW Tesla Powerwall battery at a property in St Ives which we use for small top-ups.

Have You Tried the Autopilot Feature?

Yes, I have used this a lot and have done 3-4 trips to Melbourne using this.

On the 850K drive, around 500-550K are on auto-pilot.

Although I still keep my hands on the wheel and am very aware of the road and what is happening around me, it’s a much more relaxing drive.

What Car Is Next?

The Tesla Roadster.
It has incredible performance statistics and is due in 2020/2021!

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Why Tesla? An interview with Ajay