The Location Property Group team are active in the media and have provided commentary on various property related topics.

Find out where we have been mentioned in the media, from mentions to quotes and podcasts.

Smart Property Investment Podcast

Our very own Alan Yeung has appeared on the latest Smart Property Investment Podcast.

“The 4-week window: Why you need to act soon”.

Alan Yeung

A refreshing perspective on property investing: why Alan decided to start investing in property and his advice for anyone looking to get on to the property market.

Listen to the podcast on the Smart Property Investment site.

Our Director Ajay Valanju features in article: Negative gearing — not just for ‘greedy baby boomers’?

Ajay Valanju and Davina

He talks about the issue of providing a supply of housing to meet the demands of our high growth population.

Read the article on

Sydney Morning Herald

Alan Yeung, our Sales Consultant, was quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald in an article “Fussy buyers snub houses that don’t present well”.

This article looks at what sellers have done to make sure that their properties sell, from DIY and repairs to preparing the house on the day for the inspection.

Read the article on the SMH website.

Bluedrop Blog

Leda - Senior Property Manager

Our Senior Property Manager Leda has been quoted in the article:

Common mistakes Landlord’s should avoid

on the subject of dealing with late payments from tenants.