Work Partner Series: 3 Property Styling Sydney

Property styling can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a property as well as how quickly it sells.

We have been working with Jeanine Michel from The Styling House,
based in Riverstone Sydney, for around 2 years.

She was introduced to us by a fellow agent from another property company.

Jeanine has a background in interior architecture which gives her a unique edge. She is able to use lighting and colour to emphasise or soften features in a property to show it at its best.

The Styling House has a warehouse of furniture at their disposal so they are able to use different pieces to suit various spaces.

How Does Property Styling Work?

The stylist takes a look at the floor plan of the property and we let her know the timeframe and describe what other properties are like in the building.

From this, she is able to plan which props and furniture to use for each room.

The property is cleared out, and the owner’s furniture is stored in their warehouse.

Then Jeanine and her team will bring in furniture and props for the duration of the campaign.

Typically furniture is kept at the property for about 6 weeks or until the property is sold.

Before Styling

After Styling

What If the Property Does Not Sell Within the 6 Week Campaign?

Property generally takes a bit longer to sell in the current market.

Jeanine and her team have been very understanding on this and have extended the furniture leasing period to 12 weeks.

How Long Does it Take to Style a Property?

Once a property is vacated we organise for the property to be cleaned and the carpets steam cleaned.

The carpets will then need to dry before the furniture can be brought in to the property.

Jeanine will liaise with the cleaners and the photographer to work out the best time to bring in the props and get the photos taken.

The Styling House have styled small units for us all the way up to a five bedroom house.

It usually takes a couple of hours to style a unit and it took around 6 hours for the 5 bedroom house.

There’s always a quick turn around time and there are no hidden costs.

St Leonards Unit – Case Study

213/1 Sergeants Lane, St Leonards, NSW 2065.

We bought this property in Dec 2017 for $530K.

The property was styled and furnished by The Styling House.

We later sold the unit in March 2018 for $575k. A great outcome in such a short space of time.

Props such as cookbooks, plants, and modern appliances really made the property look warm and inviting. Their service is much more than just furniture.

Attention to the small details such as putting out fresh bars of soap in the bathroom gives a sense that the property is well looked after, almost like a serviced apartment.

Feedback From Vendors and Potential Buyers

Our vendors have commented that they have really seen the value in having the property styled and have been impressed by Jeanine’s work.

We have had comments from people viewing the property such as “It looks so pristine and clean” as well as comments about the place being homely and inviting.

In summary, we have found it great working with Jeanine and her team. We have found that properties get much more interest and sell quickly after receiving a Styling House makeover.

If you would like to speak with us about selling your property, please visit our property sales page or contact us via our contact form for further information.

Selling Property Work Partner Series
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Work Partner Series: 3 Property Styling Sydney