1. The second part of our Work Partner Series: Property Conveyancing.

    Property conveyancing involves the transfer of a property title from one person to another.

    This is a key part of the property buying process and either a solicitor or conveyancer can fulfill this need.

    Melbourne Property Conveyancing Partner

    Desmond Khoo from Rennick & Gaynor Solicitors has helped some of our clients who have bought property in Victoria.

    Desmond is highly knowledgeable about the legal aspects of the property industry.

    Unique Property Expertise

    He has worked for property developers as well as buyers so he understands why developers write particular clauses in their contracts.

    As such:

    • There is no going back and forth with the developer’s legal team to ask questions on the contracts
    • This saves the client valuable time and could be the difference in them getting them the prime option in the project
    • He understands the key dates to deliver funds, risks when buying off the plan and what a developer is likely to negotiate on
    • When it comes to buyer demands, he knows what the developers are likely to accept and what can’t be changed

    Throughout our dealings, he has been transparent, readily accessible and always makes sure he calls us back by the end of the day.

    When working directly with buyers he is able to talk in plain English to clearly explain legal terms.

    This way buyers are aware of their choices and obligations throughout the buying process.

    He has been able to negotiate terms up front before the exchanging of contracts.

    For example, changes to settlement dates or reducing the damage if a buyer backs out.

    Overseas Property Buyers

    Desmond has experience with property conveyancing for overseas buyers and people with different visa classes.

    We have clients who are expats and he has been great at answering their questions and helping them understand their rights to buy.

    Property Conveyancing Case Study

    Our client was purchasing an off the plan, 1 Bedroom apartment in Ivanhoe, Victoria.

    Property Development Melbourne

    Closer to settlement there was a change in their lending criteria.

    This delayed them from being able to settle on the planned date.

    Desmond kept the developers representative updated throughout and was able to negotiate the new settlement date, which was 4 weeks late.

    This saved around $3k in late penalty fees as the funds were not available at the time of settlement.

    He saved the client more than he charged for his service.

    Negotiated 4 week settlement delay

    A good property conveyancer or solicitor should simplify the buying process for the client by clearly explaining the contract and negotiating any changes on their behalf.

    Desmond does an excellent job of this and has helped many of our clients achieve their investment goals.

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