1. Property Management is one of the most important steps within the property investment lifecycle.

    It’s all about working with the right people to look after your wealth.

    Although we provide property management services in Sydney, we use partners to help us manage our client’s properties in other states.

    Melbourne Property Partner

    Beller is a Melbourne based property management company who has been working with us for over 3 Years.

    Luke Spence, from Beller, has provided us and our clients with an exceptional service.

    We have found him to be thorough, professional and transparent at all times, which has provided excellent outcomes for our clients.

    Take a recent property we secured for one of our clients in Richmond, Melbourne built by Supply Co.

    This was an off-the-plan purchase 2 years ago.

    Investment property - see description below image

    Our client settled on Thursday, the first inspection took place on Saturday and was leased out on Monday.

    Rental Appraisal

    Before our client made the investment, we asked Luke to give us a rental appraisal so that we could work out what the rental income would be in 2 years time.

    The tenants are paying a figure very close to the prediction made 2 years ago.

    This is very important because this figure affects what the investor tells their broker, their solicitor and so on. If it is wrong it can cause a negative spiraling effect.

    Luke was able to provide an experienced, honest appraisal which resulted in a great experience for our investor.

    Pre-settlement Inspection

    Luke was proactive in coming along to the pre-settlement inspection a few months prior to the completion.

    He took this as an opportunity to meet the building manager to start growing a rapport – which now allows him to get information first-hand.

    Luke also provided recommendations from the inspection, including quotes for blinds.

    He and his team sourced local providers, which helped keep the costs down.

    Inside the Richmond Apartment Inside the Richmond apartment – Supply Co Project.

    Proactive Property Management

    At another property, a tenant signed the paperwork but then withdrew their application the next day.

    This is understandably concerning for the investor who wants to ensure their mortgage is covered.

    Luke had a waiting list and had leased the property the next day.

    He was transparent keeping us updated, and with the bad news, he had a solution ready.

    We provide an end-to-end service for our clients, leaving no stone unturned.

    Beller helps us to deliver on this and we see them as a trusted partner.

    Richmond apartments - garden with archway Richmond apartment project – outdoor setting.

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