Work Partner Series: 5 Accountant Sydney

The fifth article in our work partner series looks at the role of an accountant when buying or selling a property.

Why Work with an Accountant When Buying a Property?

You may wish to use an accountant to get a better understanding of:

  • Your current financial situation
  • What you need to do to be able to afford a property
  • Ways in which you can finance a property

Why Work with an Accountant When Selling a Property?

An accountant would be able to advise you on the tax implications of selling a property.

They would also be able to help calculate benefits from selling one investment property and buying another.

This way the investor has better visibility and can make better decisions when it comes to making changes in their property portfolio.

Jason Chan Co Partners

We have been working with Jason Chan from CO Partners Accountants & Advisors in Chatswood, who was introduced to us by a mortgage broker.

Jason has expertise in a number of areas including tax and SMSF (Self Managed Super Funds).

He has helped our clients over the past 4 years, by providing a range of services from personal and company tax advice to buying property.

Case Study – Unit Purchase in Victoria

Jason helped our client look at options for purchasing an investment property through their SMSF. From this, he was able to provide them with a realistic budget to work with.

The investment property in Victoria – PACE at Carnegie:

Location Property Group was then able to work with the buyer to find a unit in Victoria which they purchased.

The purchase was made prior to 1st July 2017, which meant they were able to save $14,277 in stamp duty, due to a government initiative.

“We were so happy we could buy an investment property through our SMSF and we did not have to use much of our personal savings. And the potential saving in capital gain tax is great!”

This is an example of where a good team can get you great results when it comes to property investing.

Jason is very knowledgeable, confident and an expert in his field. He communicates well and always has time for his clients. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jason and his team to our clients, whether they are buying property or looking for general tax advice.

Investment Property Work Partner Series
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Work Partner Series: 5 Accountant Sydney