An Interview with Alan Yeung

Alan Yeung is our Sales Consultant at Location Property Group. We interviewed Alan to find out why he got into real estate, why he loves property and to provide some tips for any budding property consultants.

Alan Yeung

What Made You Get into Property Sales?

I’m in property sales because I have always been interested in property and property transaction-related matters.

I have purchased property to live in and for investment and have experience in off plan purchasing as well as at auction. I had always wondered what it would be like to be a real estate agent and do transactions for people.

By helping my peers in their property ventures whether it be choosing a home to live in or to invest, I started to grow my knowledge.

What Aspects of Property Sales Do You Enjoy the Most?

Helping people achieve their financial goals, whether it be your vendors or purchasers.

The sale is an entry or exit for someone and it’s just as hard either way. It is important that we treat both with respect. It’s important for us to be in the mix to make sure the transaction is as enjoyable for everyone.

What makes Location Property Group Different/ A Good Place to Work?

The staff make Location Property Group a great place to work: we share similar interests and values. We all have an interest in property investment, we’re very family orientated, we are a diverse team and all come from different backgrounds. We are caring individuals and are sensitive to different cultures.

Also, the location makes it a good place to work for me. I grew up in the St Leonards area and so I know it well. Working with the locals is like working with our neighbours.

It’s a great feeling that you want to do well because you want to do well for your neighbours. You want the best result possible for them.

What Unique Attributes Do You Bring to Location Property Group?

With an engineering and infrastructure background, I understand the construction process and the elements which make up a good development. In addition to this, I can understand the risks and impacts and what influence this may have on the price (as well as whether it is justified).

One of the main attributes is the ability to extrapolate infrastructure growth within an area and how it affects a property area. Being a property investor, I can also draw on my own experience to assist clients with their property transactions and strategy.

My colleagues say I am a lateral thinker, as I am able to come up with different ideas to help solve problems. I enjoy problem-solving and seeing our clients succeed.

How Do You keep up to Date in Your Industry?

By taking a multi-angle approach I keep up to date on key trends and issues in the industry.

The first of which is speaking to people who work in areas which may impact real estate. Because of my open and friendly nature, I have the good fortune to meet with people in different industries and so I get to understand different viewpoints and key trends on subjects such as tax, the economy, finance and so on.

In the last 15 years, we’ve had access to the most information we have ever had. But it gets people more confused rather than bringing clarity on the subject.

Using your network and speaking with people from different backgrounds helps to understand what might happen.

By attending training seminars, particularly those related to banking, finance and engineering this all helps with having a multi-angle approach to the matter.

I actively participate in event and seminars from Engineers Australia, Planning Institute of Australia and the Property Development Institute and Property Investment Professionals of Australia.

Australian Real Estate Association events are good places to trade ideas with different real estate professionals.

Although we may have small differences state to state or city to city we can still learn from each other.

For example, WA experienced a decline in the property market for around 10 years. Now Perth is doing well, how do they handle the bigger volumes and how should they invest in other things while they are ahead?

These are things they can learn from the Melbourne and Sydney booms.

We can also look to see what other countries are doing and how they have responded to changes in the real estate market. This may help us to predict and prepare for changes in our own economy.

Any Recommendations for People Considering Getting into Property Sales and
Where to Start Their Career?

Start by helping someone first and learn the ropes. There are no shortcuts.
If you are taking this as a career, don’t just get into it for the money. Get in because you genuinely have a keen interest in the industry.

Start going to open homes, do your own research and offer to help people.
And then you will be in a better position to get a role in an agency and start to build up.

What Are Some of the Resources You Recommend for Anyone Interested in Real Estate?

The book I recommend is Mastering the Art of Selling Real Estate by Tom Hopkins.

In terms of a website, the Australian Bureau of Statistics is helpful and is a site I frequently refer to. I also go to the ABC news site as it is fairly neutral and not too heavily influenced by political views, nor does it seem to publish articles for the shock factor.

You can read more about Alan on his profile page.

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An Interview with Alan Yeung