1. Property Development Sales: Q&A with Ajay

    There are several strategies and tactics that drive sales in property development.

    In this post, I talk to Ajay Valanju about how Location Property Group helps developers to sell their product.

    How does Location Property Group add value and make property sales? We also look at the various options a property developer may consider depending on the market.

    How Does Location Property Group Approach Property Development Sales?

    We go and look at the development project, visit the site and look at the floor plans and price to see which ones might make a good investment for our clients.

    We would then

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  2. Sydney Property Market 2018 – Tips in a Cooling Market

    One of the big talking points in the media this year is the cooling of the Sydney Property Market.

    Read on to find out why we are in the current climate and what opportunities exist for sellers, buyers, developers and agents.

    Why Has the Sydney Property Market Cooled? Why Are We Seeing a Decline?

    The ingredients for a strong property market still exists as interest rates are low and there is a supply shortage of dwellings in Sydney.

    Changes to finance rules have made it more difficult to borrow from the bank.

    This along with negative media about the marketplace has caused the drop.

    What Are th

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